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Marilyn Monroe & Jeanne Carmen dance the night away at early L.A. gay disco

September 3, 2014


A new book has just been published called JOE AND MARILYN: LEGENDS IN LOVE by #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author C. DAVID HEYMANN. [Atria/Emily Bestler books, a division of Simon & Schuster; (July 1, 2014)] [ISBN: 1439191778] [ISBN-13: 978-1439191774]

There are many many fascinating new revelations on JEANNE CARMEN and MARILYN MONROE in this new book. But the most amazing story is the new revelation of MARILYN and JEANNE dancing that night away at an early L.A. GAY DISCO as told to author C. DAVID HEYMANN by MARILYN’s personal masseuse and good friend RALPH ROBERTS.

Page 343
In the late afternoon of August 1, MARILYN called RALPH ROBERTS and asked him to take her to LARGO, a Los Angeles nightspot with a strip club on one side of the establishment and a gay bar on the other. “Largo was a bit sleazy,” said ROBERTS, “but it was unique in that it catered to both heterosexuals and gays. You had a lot of straight men watching the young female strippers on the club side, and a whole gay crowd—men and women—packed into an adjacent bar. The bar had a jukebox and a small dance floor. The men danced with men, the women with women. A soundproof wall separated the bar from the strip club.

“I picked up MARILYN at her house and learned that JEANNE CARMEN would be joining us. MARILYN gave me a drink and poured herself on as well. We stepped outside into the gardens, which was illuminated by a floodlight. She told me she’d been to a shop on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood., where she’d acquired a few items of furniture and a wall hanging depicting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. From her local nursery she’d also purchased three more citrus trees and a half dozen rose bushes that were supposed to be delivered on August 4. I found this a bit odd in light of the fact that she kept telling me she intended to leave Los Angeles and move back to New York.”

By this time, JEANNE CARMEN had arrived, and the three of them set off for LARGO. “En route,” continued ROBERTS, “JEANNE started talking about ROBERT KENNEDY, which I didn’t think was a great idea. She said BOBBY and MARILYN had frequently engaged in phone sex. ‘Can’t you just see the attorney general jerking his chain while MARILYN talked him through the sex act?” To change the subject, I asked MARILYN about JOE DIMAGGIO. She said he and his brothers Vince and Dom had agreed to participate in an Old Timers’ charity baseball game in San Francisco on August 4 and that he’d be joining her again in Los Angeles a day later. To which JEANNE said, “Yeah, but he bugged your phone just like the rest of them.’ ‘If that’s true,’ responded MARILYN, ‘it’s because he wants to protect me. Listen, if it weren’t for JOE, I’d probably have killed myself years ago.’”

Those were MARILYN’s last coherent words that evening. When they reached Largo, MARILYN—in her usual disguise—headed straight for the bar, ordered three bottles of champagne, handed one each to RALPH and JEANNE, chugalugged the third herself, ordered another, grabbed JEANNE’s hand, and hit the dance floor.

“I spent the better part of the night,” said ROBERTS, “standing at the bar, declining offers to dance from a variety of men in leather and chains. When I drove MARILYN home at three in the morning, her eyes were vacant. She looked like a zombie. She was drunk and drugged. The sight of her in that woeful state, as she wobbled out of the car and into her house, saddened and haunted me. After that night, we spoke on the phone once or twice, but I never saw MARILYN again.”

Stunning new details on JEANNE CARMEN, JFK, MARILYN MONROE in PLAYBOY in the Netherlands

November 23, 2013

JC Playboy NL


Playboy Netherlands Jeanne Carmen article

Stunning New Revelations: PLAYBOY Netherlands December 2013 issue has an amazing new article on pin up girl JEANNE CARMEN.

The photo layout is spectacular. it’s on newstands everywhere this month in Amsterdam and Holland and the Netherlands.

Here is a link to the magazine cover. You can see Jeanne Carmen’s name on the right side.


Here is a translation of the intro and other highlighted sections in the article.
Jeanne Carmen. Sex Goddess. Iconic Pin-up. Brilliant Golf Star. Queen of the B–movies, Mafia Girl and Lover of Elvis Presley. Jeanne Carmen was all that.

A Success Story of a Cunning Blonde Who Was More Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll than Marilyn Monroe.

John F Kennedy wanted nothing more than a threesome with his mistress Marilyn Monroe and her best friend Jeanne Carmen.

Carmen fled in 1953 to Hollywood, where she was soon admitted to the circle of stars who rejoiced in coke, booze and wild sex parties with all its beautiful colors.

This gave Carmen power to the many conspiracy theories that are in essence, that Marilyn was murdered by the Mafia, who wanted to discredit Bobby Kennedy, whose lives and their criminal activities he increasingly impeded.

According to Carmen’s son Brandon James, mobster Johnny Roselli told her later that he had personally killed Sam Giancana because he was secretly in love with Monroe, and he could not bear the fact that Giancana had made it look like Monroe had killed herself.

“Everything I‘ve done, I did at the right time,” Jeanne Carmen said looking back just before her death. “And it turned out fantastic.”

“But my career has gone as it ought to go. A door opened and I was suddenly a famous pin-up. I have lived like a queen. ”

On December 20, 2007, the intriguing Jeanne Laverne Carmen died at 77.

It marked the end of a regal life that cries out to be filmed as a motion picture.

If you want to know all the ins and outs of the turbulent life of Jeanne Carmen then we recommend this book with the impossibly long title JEANNE CARMEN – MY WILD WILD LIFE As A New York Pin–Up Queen, Trick Shot Golfer & Hollywood Actress. Writer Brandon James, the son of Jeanne, left no detail undiscussed in this biography about the life of his mother.

The book is available at all major booksellers. Digital downloads are available on iTunes at

New details on former SINATRA house where JEANNE CARMEN & MARILYN MONROE once lived

November 23, 2013


Sold! The famous compound at 882 NORTH DOHENY in WEST HOLLYWOOD has sold to MAX MARTIN. The prolific music producer and songwriter bought this storied complex in 2013 for $3.72M. Some of the famous past residents of the compound have included: FRANK SINATRA, BELLA DARVI, JEANNE CARMEN, KALEF ALATON, NICKY HILTON and MARILYN MONROE (who lived here at two different periods of her life). The property was sold by actor JAMES COBURN’s first wife, Beverly.

And who is MAX MARTIN? Well… What do the Backstreet Boys, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears all have in common? Besides being major pop stars, they all have hit songs penned and produced by one Swedish songwriter/producer by the name of Max Martin. Max Martin, also known as Martin Karl Sandberg is responsible for just about every song that you ever sang in the shower for the last ten years. His string of hits is kind of ridiculous, and includes such tracks as “Raise Your Glass” (Pink); “I Kissed a Girl” (Katy Perry); “My Life Would Suck Without You” (Kelly Clarkson); “Baby One More Time” and “Hold It Against Me” (Britney Spears); “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” (Taylor Swift); “One More Night” (Maroon 5); “Dynamite” (Taio Cruz); “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love” (Usher); and “Beauty and a Beat” (Justin Bieber), among many, many others. He’s also penned tracks for Christina Aguilera, Ace of Base, Cher, and Avril Lavigne. He’s won just about every songwriting award that one can receive, including ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year Award in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2011, 2012, and 2013. He’s been consistently successful, and as the pop music scene has changed, so has he. Over the years, he has shifted his sound from bubble gum pop, to heavier and more rock-inflected, and the result is that his tracks are in almost constant rotation on the radio. This has made him quite wealthy, and he recently purchased a Hollywood compound with a long history, and a surprisingly short price tag.

for more info and pictures on the famous house… click this link…!/

And for more details on the storied compound from the days when pin up girl JEANNE CARMEN and MARILYN MONROE lived there as next door neighbors, read this fascinating excerpt by GEORGE JACOBS who was FRANK SINATRA’S long time butler and personal valet during the legendary RAT PACK years. Jacobs has provided a firsthand eyewitness account of Pin Up Girl JEANNE CARMEN’s relationship with FRANK SINATRA and MARILYN MONROE in his autobiography MR. S: MY LIFE WITH FRANK SINATRA
In the book, JACOBS states “JEANNE CARMEN was a classic blonde starlet and pinup girl with one of the most perfect figures in Hollywood.”

CARMEN “also had an unusual skill, as a trick-shot golfer.”

SINATRA “really liked JEANNE, whom he dated both when he was down, and after he was up again.”

JACOBS also states that FRANK SINATRA set him up with an apartment in the early sixties along with JEANNE CARMEN and MARILYN MONROE in a building owned by SINATRA at 882 North Doheny Drive in West Hollywood. The building was knicknamed “THE SINATRA ARMS” because SINATRA used the complex as a safehouse for his girlfriends and cronies.

JACOBS specifically states that the people living in the complex in the early sixties “in addition to MARILYN and me” was SINATRA’s “longtime on-off bedmate JEANNE CARMEN, who became MARILYN’s best girlfriend.”
GEORGE JACOBS’ testimony is monumental because it is an eyewitness validation of CARMEN’s claims and directly contradicts those who have tried to taint CARMEN’s relationship with MONROE.

Source: ^ Jacobs, George (2003). Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra. HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 76-78, 154-155. ISBN 0-06-051516-3.

Revealed: Marilyn Monroe called Jackie Kennedy to confess to affair with ‘drug addict’ JFK

August 11, 2013


A new book has just been published called THESE FEW PRECIOUS DAYS – THE FINAL YEAR OF JACK WITH JACKIE by #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON. [Gallery Books, a division of Simon & Schuster; (2013)] [ISBN: 978-1-4767-3232-9]

MARILYN MONROE’S friend, pin up girl JEANNE CARMEN is referenced in the book on page 168:
One of Crosby’s other guests, California Democrat Philip Watson, inadvertently wandered into a bungalow on the property and came across JFK “wearing a turtleneck sweater” and a soused Marilyn “dressed in kind of a robe thing. It was obvious they were intimate,” Watson said, “that they were staying together for the night.”

Marilyn’s condition that night was typical. She had always grappled with severe psychiatric and emotional problems, made worse in recent years by alcohol and prescription drug abuse. At thirty-six, she realized her sex-symbol days were numbered and began to see a new role for herself: as the second wife of the president. Confiding the most intimate details of the affair to her friend Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn was convinced JFK was about to leave Jackie for her. “Can’t you just see me,” she asked Carmen, “as First Lady?”
And excerpts from the book have been published this week on dozens of new websites around the world including THE NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, THE DAILY MAIL in the U.K., THE INDEPENDENT in the U.K., THE IRISH CENTRAL NEWS in Ireland, THE TIMES OF INDIA and 24 TANZANIA in AFRICA to name a few.

The NY Daily News

New book details JFK’s last year with Jackie: Affair with Marilyn, amphetamines from ‘Dr. Feelgood’

Jackie reported back to Finnerty that relations between the president and the first lady had improved significantly — although not enough to stop Jack’s skirt-chasing. If nothing else, from this point on Jackie had no reason to blame herself for her husband’s sexual compulsions.

And she was right to fear Marilyn Monroe. The actress had always grappled with severe psychiatric and emotional problems, made worse by alcohol and prescription drug abuse. At thirty-six, she realized her sex symbol days were numbered and began to see a new role for herself: as the second wife of the president. Confiding the most intimate details of the affair to her friend Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn was convinced JFK was about to leave Jackie for her. “Can’t you just see me,” she asked Carmen, “as first lady?

The Mail Online – in the U.K.

Revealed: Marilyn called Jackie to confess JFK affair… and First Lady replied ‘that’s great, I’ll move out and you have all the problems’

Marilyn, who long grappled with psychiatric and emotional problems as well as drugs and alcohol, was convinced JFK was about to leave Jackie for her, her friend Jeanne Carmen reportedly revealed.
‘Can’t you just see me,’ she asked Carmen, ‘as first lady?

The Daily Caller

Book claims Marilyn Monroe told Jackie about JFK affair

Former President John F. Kennedy’s wife Jackie knew about his affair with movie icon Marilyn Monroe and even spoke with Monroe about it on the phone, a new tell-all book that features some of John and Jackie’s closest friends, relatives and associates as on-the-record sources reveals.

Though Jackie was bothered by her husband’s extramarital activity, she was most concerned about his affair with Monroe, because the threat of scandal and public humiliation seemed likelier in that case than in others, according to friends of the couple.

“Can’t you just see me as First Lady,” Monroe reportedly told her friend Jeanne Carmen, insisting that Kennedy would divorce Jackie and marry her.
The Independent – in the U.K.

Revealed: Marilyn Monroe called Jackie Kennedy to confess to affair with ‘drug addict’ JFK and was told ‘that’s great, I’ll move out and you have all the problems’

New book reveals First Lady’s affair heartbreak, and also alleges assassinated US president and his wife regularly injected amphetamines

According to the book, excerpts of which are being published in the New York Post, Monroe fully believed the President was going to leave his wife and marry her, reportedly telling her friend Jeanne Carmen “Can’t you just see me as First Lady?”
HNGN – Headlines & Global News

Marilyn Monroe Confessed to Jackie Kennedy About JFK Affair; First Lady Complained About Sex Life: ‘He Just Goes Too Fast and Falls Asleep’

The affair bothered Jackie with good reason; Marilyn wanted to become the President’s second wife, according to the Daily Mail. The actress long struggled with psychiatric and emotional problems, along with drug and alcohol abuse, but she was convinced John would leave Jackie for her.

Marilyn’s friend Jeanne Carmen reportedly confirmed the starlet’s beliefs.

“Can’t you just see me…as first lady,” Marilyn asked Carmen.


JFK’s final days, addiction to amphetamine, how Marilyn confessed to Jackie

Affairs, drugs, dysfunction and behind it all, true love in “These Few Precious Days”

According to the Business Standard, Andersen’s book describes how the First Lady normally turned a blind eye to JFK’s cavorting, but his relationship with Monroe was the last straw.

According to the book, Monroe seriously believed the President was going to leave his wife and marry her, even going so far as reportedly telling her friend Jeanne Carmen ‘Can’t you just see me as First Lady?’

At thirty-six Monroe realized her sex symbol days were numbered the role of second wife of the president became increasingly attractive. But the First Lady, although dismayed by the clandestine relationship, was more than a match for Monroe’s ambitions


Marilyn confessed to Jackie about affair with JFK

Marilyn Monroe telephoned Jackie Kennedy to confess to having an affair with her husband, only to be told: “that’s great, I’ll move out and you have all the problems” .

The revelations are disclosed in a new book detailing the marital tensions between John F Kennedy and the first lady during the final year of the assassinated President’s life.

In These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie, author Christopher Andersen describes how the first lady normally turned a blind eye to JFK’s cheating, but his relationship with Monroe ‘seemed to bother her the most’ .

According to the book, Monroe fully believed the President was going to leave his wife and marry her, reportedly telling her friend Jeanne Carmen “Can’t you just see me as first lady?”

JFK book: Marilyn Monroe confessed to affair, Jackie replied ‘great, I’ll move out, you have all the problems’

Former President John F. Kennedy’s wife Jackie knew about his affair with movie icon Marilyn Monroe and even spoke with Monroe about it on the phone, a new tell-all book that features some of John and Jackie’s closest friends, relatives and associates as on-the-record sources reveals

Marilyn Monroe allegedly called Jackie Kennedy, the wife of John F Kennedy and the first lady during his tenure as President of the United States, to confess that she’d had an affair with JFK.

Monroe also apparently set her sights on becoming the President’s second wife, and even called Mrs Kennedy at the White House to make her brazen declaration. When Jackie heard what Monroe had to say, she simply responded, “Marilyn, you’ll marry Jack, that’s great.

And you’ll move into the White House and you’ll assume the responsibilities of first lady, and I’ll move out and you’ll have all the problems.” This revelation is made in Christopher Andersen’s new book, These Few Precious Days: The Final Year of Jack with Jackie. The piece claims that Jackie “knew everything” about her husband’s philandering, however she simply decided to ignore his numerous indiscretions.

However, Marilyn’s relationship with JFK bothered Jackie the most, which was made even worse because of Monroe’s obvious ambitions to replace her as Kennedy’s wife. Jeanne Carmen, a friend of Marilyn’s, admitted that Monroe was convinced that JFK was set to leave Jackie for her.

However, she admits that these thoughts were probably exacerbated by her emotional and psychiatric problems, which became worse and worse because of her constant drinking and drug taking. Carmen added that Marilyn used to envision herself as the first lady. Peter Lawford, a member of the infamous Rat Pack, claimed that Marilyn made the phone call to Jackie, and he also added that she’d stated he’d leave his entire family for her too.

The book also stated that despite the fact that Jackie Kennedy was furious with her husband’s adultery, she was willing to look the other way as long as he didn’t embarrass her in public. However, she complained about JFK’s love-making to Dr Frank Finnerty, noting, “he just goes too fast and falls asleep,” as well as confessing that she believed it was her own sexual inadequacies that pushed JFK into bed with other women.

‘Murdered by the Mafia': Did Bobby Kennedy pay for Marilyn Monroe’s killing?

October 3, 2012

The MIRROR NEWS in ENGLAND has published this shocking account of what happened to MARILYN MONROE the night she died.

Read the complete text at this link:

‘Murdered by the Mafia': Did Bobby Kennedy pay for Marilyn Monroe’s killing?

Nearly 50 years after her death on August 5, 1962, a bombshell book claims to finally reveal who murdered Marilyn


When movie goddess MARILYN MONROE’s naked body was found on her bed at her Hollywood home, it was assumed she had killed herself.

Devastated by tangled affairs with American President JOHN F KENNEDY and brother BOBBY, the 36-year-old star of The Seven Year Itch and Some Like It Hot was said to have overdosed on sleeping pills.

But so many things didn’t add up that conspiracy theories began immediately.

Now, nearly 50 years after her death on August 5, 1962, a bombshell book claims to finally reveal who murdered Marilyn.

Investigative author DARWIN PORTER – who knew the star – claims five Mafia hoodlums working under orders from mob boss SAM GIANCANA carried out the hit.

But he believes Bobby, who secretly visited Marilyn with his British brother-in-law PETER LAWFORD hours before she died, had a lot to do with her death.

“Of course Bobby didn’t do it,” Porter tells the Mirror, in an exclusive interview. “He was a very smart man.

“Sam Giancana had the motive to kill her – she was threatening to blow the lid off his operations.

“But it also begs the question, did someone pay him to murder Marilyn?

“And if someone did pay him, the only person I can think of is a Kennedy.”

Three-times-married Marilyn had fallen head over heels in love with the married President – shocking the world by breathlessly singing happy birthday to him wearing a gown so tight little was left to the imagination – but he passed her on to his brother.

Attorney General Bobby promised to leave his wife for Marilyn but weeks before she died, he stopped returning her calls.

Distraught, Marilyn had a brief fling with the youngest Kennedy brother, Ted, then started telling friends she was going to call a press conference to reveal all of her affairs.

The vulnerable star, who was battling problems with drugs and alcohol, intended to expose the Mafia’s secrets too.

Like her occasional lover FRANK SINATRA, she had become entangled in the mob after bedding Giancana’s henchman JOHNNY ROSELLI.

He used strong arm tactics to get Marilyn her first Hollywood contract in 1947 – in return the mobsters expected her to seduce powerful men they wanted to blackmail.

“A lot of people had a lot to lose if Marilyn spoke out,” says 74-year-old Porter.

He first met Marilyn when, as a teenager, he saw her strip off to try on a bikini made by his fashion designer mother.

“She was making a lot of dangerous statements and didn’t realise she was playing with the big boys. I think Marilyn got in over her head – she fell into a barrel.

“Her close friend, actress JEANNE CARMEN, told me Marilyn thought she was too big to touch. After Marilyn’s death, Roselli ordered Jeanne to get out of town.

She moved to Arizona, gave up acting and worked as a waitress. That’s how scared she was.”

President Kennedy unwittingly got caught up with the Mafia – he shared a lover, Judith Campbell Exner, with Giancana – and his father Joe used the mob to “buy” election votes.

In another twist, Porter says the Mafia and the CIA were working hand-in-glove to bring down America’s enemies. They used Marilyn to strip off and perform a sex act on Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev and considered involving her in a plot to poison President Fidel Castro of Cuba.

Marilyn’s phones in Brentwood, California, were bugged and spies heard numerous accounts of the gossip-loving icon revealing all about her affairs to friends.

In the months before her death, Marilyn became more erratic as she consumed copious amounts of prescription pills, washed down with champagne.

She told pals she was pregnant but wasn’t sure whether the father was Jack or his brother.

She was also considering two marriage proposals – from ex-husband Joe DiMaggio and Mexican Jose Bolanos.

Despite being fired from her final movie Something’s Got To Give, she had several new film deals lined up and the offer of a cabaret show in mob-run Las Vegas.

“In her final hours she was arranging a date with MARLON BRANDO and discussing plans for the next week,” says Porter.

“Peter Lawford claims Marilyn was slurring when he spoke to her the last time. That’s not true. Others phoned after him and she sounded fine.

“The silliest thing of all is the claim that BOBBY KENNEDY was nowhere near California that day.

“He was pictured with his family in San ­Francisco. Then he got a plane to LA and was seen by all sorts of people.”

Porter says Marilyn used private detectives to bug her home to keep records of her trysts with the President and other famous men.

That afternoon, they picked up a screaming match between Bobby and Marilyn.

He claims Roselli called at Marilyn’s house at 10pm on August 4, leaving the door unlocked so five hitmen could sneak in.

“Slipping behind Marilyn, one of the men removed a chloroform-soaked washcloth from his bag,” Porter says.

“The cloth was forced over her nose and mouth. Giancana had issued orders that her body was not to be bruised.”

Marilyn was carried into the un-bugged guest cottage in her garden, where the thugs stripped her and administered an enema of barbiturates.

They bolted when they heard her housekeeper return.

What happened over the next few hours remains the source of intense speculation but Porter claims Hollywood publicists and doctors were called long before the police and paramedics at 4.25am.

In the time between the killing and police arriving on the scene, Marilyn had been moved from the cottage to the her bedroom in the main house.

By then actor Lawford had also arrived. Porter says he emptied the contents of Marilyn’s filing cabinet into three cardboard boxes. Among the things that disappeared was Marilyn’s red diary.

JACK CLEMMONS was the first police officer to arrive at the house just after 4.30am. “I felt I’d arrived at the scene of a murder,” he later said.

“Her body was artfully arranged by someone. It was obvious to me that this was a staged event.

“Her legs were arranged perfectly, as if she was getting ready to pose for a nude calendar.

“I had been at suicide scenes before, especially when the victim overdosed on barbiturates. In the last minutes before consciousness is lost, there is a great pain and the body contorts.”

Clemmons was replaced by more senior officers and ordered to keep quiet.

Porter’s account is convincing. “I went to see Marilyn’s surviving friends, many were dying and had nothing to lose by finally telling the truth,” he says.

As for who paid for the hit, that’s for his readers to decide.


September 23, 2012

The NATIONAL EXAMINER [September 24, 2012 issue] has just published a chilling expose on what really happened the night MARILYN MONROE died.

Here is an excerpt from the article:


“Screen siren MARILYN MONROE died at the hands of five Mafia hit men just before the brokenhearted star planned to hold a press conference that would have shattered the lives of the KENNEDY clan and Mob boss SAM GIANCANA.

That’s just one of the shocking claims in a blockbuster new biography of Monroe, who passed away just over 50 years on August 5, 1962.
A lot of people had a lot to lose if Marilyn spoke out,” says the book’s author, acclaimed investigative journalist Darwin Porter.

“Her close friend, actress JEANNE CARMEN, told me Marilyn thought she was too big to touch.”

The book — MARILYN AT RAINBOWS END: SEX, LIES, MURDER AND THE GREAT COVER UP (BLOOD MOON) — makes the definitive case against the men he blames for Monroe’s murder, especially BOBBY KENNEDY, says Porter.

And the tell all tome totally debunks the official story that the 36 year old Monroe died alone in her Hollywood home after taking an overdose of barbiturates.”

“Marilyn had lots to live for,” says Darwin Porter in his new book.

The Some Like It Hot star was bitter over being used and dumped by the Kennedy brothers, Porter says, but she had plenty to live for…

“I went to see Marilyn’s surviving friends,” Porter says. “Many were dying and had nothing to lose by finally telling the truth.”

If Monroe had lived, she could have revealed her affairs with John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy and even a fling with Ted Kennedy, says Porter. And she could have disclosed JFK’s ties to Giancana, including the men’s shared mistress Judith Campbell Exner.

BOBBY KENNEDY and his actor brother-in-law PETER LAWFORD visited Monroe hours before her death, he says. And the journalist believes Bobby had a lot to do with Monroe’s murder.

“Of course Bobby didn’t do it, ” says the author. “He was a very smart man.”

Monroe was set up by a Mob boyfriend who left her door unlocked for the five hit men, says Porter. The killers surprised the star and knocked her out with a chloroform-soaked rag. Then they stripped her naked and administered an overdose of barbiturates.

“Sam Giancana had the motive to kill her — she was threatening to blow the lid off his operations,” says Porter. “But it also begs the question: Did someone pay him to murder Marilyn? And if someone did pay him, the only person I can think of is a Kennedy.”

JEANNE CARMEN in MARILYN: AT RAINBOWS END.. Sex, Lies, Murder, And The Great Cover-Up

May 29, 2012



After 50 Years, THE FINAL VERDICT to Hollywood’s Most Puzzling Mystery

by Darwin Porter

ISBN: 978-1–936003-29-7

Blood Moon Productions, Ltd. [2012]

[p 251-252] After JFK won the Democratic nomination for president, Peter and Patricia Lawford tossed a wild party for him at their sprawling beach house in Santa Monica. JFK personally telephoned Marilyn to invite her and suggested, “You might bring along a girlfriend.” She understood the intent of that invitation, and called Jeanne Carmen to ask her to go with him.

What happened next was later revealed by Carmen as part of a red-hot story in the tabloid newspaper, The Globe, which ran a four-part series entitled True Confessions of a Hollywood Party Girl.

In the series, Carmen claimed that the wild party at the Lawford home quickly evolved into an orgy.  She said that after a swim with some of the other pool partiers, who were nude, she retreated to a bedroom at the Lawford home to take a shower. Marilyn, she claimed, knocked on her door and told her that JFK wanted her to come to his bedroom. In the article, Carmen said that she at first rejected the offer, telling Marilyn, “I don’t do that.”

In print, however, Carmen was far too modest about her past.  She had had three-ways before, notably with actor Brad Dexter. Marilyn and Carmen had also each indulged in lesbian trysts, including with one another. Carmen admitted to this in her candid memoirs. She claimed that Marilyn had to plead with her, saying, “We should think of it as doing something for our country.”

There is serious doubt that Marilyn had to plead very hard. Without a lot of persuasion, Carmen entered JFK’s bedroom, with Marilyn immediately behind her. The candidate forU.S. president was lying on the bed wearing nothing but his jockey shorts.  He summoned Carmen over and began to massage her shoulders. He whispered that Marilyn and she should think of themselves as “pioneers of the New Frontier of the 1960’s.”  Carmen admitted that finally she relented—“overwhelmed by Jack’s extraordinary charm, good looks, and a buzz from the alcohol I’d consumed at Peter’s party.”

As she looked up after JFK had tongue-kissed her, she saw Marilyn dropping her towel and moving toward the bed.


May 22, 2012

Hot, Unauthorized, and Unapologetic

The KENNEDY’S All the Gossip Unfit to Print

ByDarwinPorter & Danforth Prince

ISBN: 978-1-936003-17-4

Published by Blood Moon Productions, Ltd [2011]

p. 164 – Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn’s best friend, recalled a night she was invited to the Lawford house inSanta Monica. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were at least twenty people there, men and women, cavorting in the nude. Even the president of theUnited   Stateswas naked. It was the prelude to an orgy. I couldn’t believe that Jack would take such chances. He was reckless as Marilyn.” “I didn’t join the orgy, but made it with a handsome twenty-nine year old secret service agent in the Lawford garage,” Carmen explained. “The guy was really hung and knew how to drill his tool.” Living next door, golfer Peter Dye referred to the Lawford home as “the biggest bordello in the West, rivaling anythingLas Vegashas to offer— and no one charged. Everybody was giving it away.”

p. 178 – Jeanne Carmen told a red-hot story to the tabloid newspaper, the Globe, which ran a four-part series called True Confessions of a Hollywood Party Girl. In the series, Carmen recalled a wild pool party at Peter Lawford’s house to celebrate JFK’s nomination in 1960. Both Carmen and Marilyn were invited to the party. Carmen claimed that after a swim, she retreated to a back bedroom within the Lawford home to take a shower. MM, she said, knocked on her door and told her that the Democratic presidential nominee wanted a three-way.  At first Carmen turned down the offer, telling MM, “I don’t do that.”  ButMonroepleaded with her, claiming “We can think of it as doing something for our country.” Finally she told Carmen that she’d have to reject JFK herself, up close and personal. Accordingly, Carmen went into another of the house’s bedrooms, finding Jack in his underwear.  A master seducer, he began to massage her shoulders. He whispered that MM and herself should think of themselves “as pioneers on The New Frontier of the 1960’s.”  Carmen admitted that she finally gave in — ‘overwhelmed by Jack’s extraordinary charms, good looks, and a buzz from the alcohol I’d consumed at Peter’s party.” As she looked up after JFK had tongue kissed her, she saw Marilyn dropping her towel and moving toward the bed.

p. 179 –Hollywoodactress and pinup queen, Jeanne Carmen, a Marilyn Monroe clone, was also her best friend and confidante. She recalled the night she drove with Marilyn to meet JFK.  She saw Marilyn gushing over the presidential candidate. “I just know he’s going to be the next president.” Marilyn told Carmen. “Wouldn’t it be funny if we got married and I became the First Lady?” Carmen warned MM that Jack was already married. “So what?” Marilyn asked. “So was Arthur Miller. But that didn’t stop me. If they want you bad enough, they’ll do whatever it takes to get you.”

p. 182 – One of Marilyn’s closest friends, Carmen, who lived nearby, remembered opening the door to Marilyn’s house to discover Bobby Kennedy on the doorstep. When she heard who it was, Marilyn came rushing out of the bathroom. “She jumped into his arms,” Carmen said, “and they started kissing madly. We had a glass of wine together before Marilyn reminded me that I had important business to take care of.”

p. 183 – Carmen also claimed that she went with Marilyn and Bobby to a nude beach near the present dayPepperdineUniversitynorth ofSanta Monica. Marilyn, according to the report, wore a black wig, and Bobby had on sunglasses and a fake beard. Each of them went unrecognized. “Could you imagine what a sensation it would have been if a nude Marilyn Monroe and a nude Attorney General had been snapped on the beach by some photographer?” Carmen asked.    Marilyn told best friend Jeanne Carmen, “I’m still married to Arthur but he makes me unhappy. My marriage to him has only months to go.”

p. 194 – Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn’s closest friend and confidant, always said that “To Jack, Marilyn was just another fuck. One night when Marilyn wasn’t up to it, she sent me to Jack’s suite and I serviced him.”  “He wasn’t very good in bed,” Carmen continued. “He was a two-minute man. I had Bobby, too, and he was better in bed, with a much larger penis. I think Bobby fell in love with Marilyn. That was too bad. No good would come out of that affair. Look what happened.” According to Carmen, “The biggest explosion came when Bobby discovered that Marilyn was keeping a diary of her involvement with both of them. ‘Get rid of that god damn thing,’ he shouted at her. “You could bring down a government.’”

Jeanne Carmen True Confessions on Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy

February 10, 2012


Jeanne Carmen – True Confessions on Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy

JFK affair with Marilyn Monroe… Kennedy ties to mafia boss Sam Giancana… revealed by Pin Up Icon Jeanne Carmen

February 10, 2012

Follow the incredible journey of Jeanne Carmen’s wild life in this extraordinary, true life story of an American icon by author Brandon James in his thrilling, tell-all biography, Jeanne Carmen: MY WILD, WILD LIFE as a New York Pin Up Queen, Trick Shot Golfer & Hollywood Actress.

Ride along as the legendary Carmen travels the long, winding and sometimes dangerous road from a poverty-stricken childhood in Arkansas, to a bona fide New York Pin Up Queen, to a noted trick shot golfer who falls into the clutches of the mafia in Las Vegas – and finally to a celebrated Hollywood actress who dazzled her celebrity friends, including Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, President John F. Kennedy, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley and Errol Flynn, among countless others.

Accompany her as her Hollywood life came to an abrupt end after her dear friend Marilyn Monroe died mysteriously on August 5, 1962. The next morning, Carmen’s apartment was broken into and ransacked. She stumbled upon the intruder and was thrown to the ground. According to Carmen, the man was famed Hollywood private detective Fred Otash, who in turn pulled a gun out, pointed it at her face, and pulled the trigger. Lucky for her, the chamber was empty and only a loud click emanated from the gun barrel. Carmen collapsed and broke down in tears shortly after hearing the allegations that Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana had Marilyn Monroe murdered in an attempt to frame the Kennedys and ruin their political careers.

Now, her diary is unlocked … and you get to see this gorgeous and celebrated woman in action through the pages of this book and on her website

Carmen has been profiled in magazines, including Star, Globe, National Enquirer, Palm Springs Life, Golf, Femme Fatales, Golf World, Fairways, Playboy and American Heritage. She has also been seen on CBS News 48 Hours Mystery, Entertainment Tonight, BBC, History Channel, Golf Channel, Inside Edition, Hard Copy, E! True Hollywood Story, Asahi TV, Discovery Networks, Geraldo, Montel Williams and Larry King Live.

About the Author

The son of Jeanne Carmen, James is a graduate of the world-famous USC School of Cinematic Arts. He has written for many popular magazines, including Femme Fatales, Collecting Hollywood, Classic Images and The Dark Side. He also worked as a consultant on E! Entertainment Television’s TV biography Jeanne Carmen: Queen of the B-Movies for their award-winning series The E! True Hollywood Story.

Jeanne Carmen: MY WILD, WILD LIFE as a New York Pin Up Queen, Trick Shot Golfer & Hollywood Actress is available at Barnes & Noble Booksellers

New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn Monroe in The Los Angeles Times

April 10, 2008


Pin Up Icon Jeanne Carmen was interviewed by The Los Angeles Times after the death of Marilyn Monroe on August 4, 1962.

In the article, the Times stated that “from other sources”—including Carmen, housekeeper Eunice Murray and film director John Huston—a darker, more mysterious version of Monroe’s last days was already emerging.

The Times reported that Carmen was “a neighbor” of Monroe and that she had seen Marilyn two weeks earlier and had stated that Monroe “looked like death.”

After the death of Monroe, Carmen “felt her own life was in danger” because of her knowledge of Monroe’s affairs with President John F Kennedy and his brother Bobby Kennedy.

So Carmen “skipped town” leaving Hollywood behind and landing in the small desert town of Scottsdale, Arizona where she lived incognito for over a decade.

Carmen abandoned her platinum blonde locks, had three children and lived a quiet life, never mentioning her prior life in Hollywood. 

Carmen would not be seen again on the big screen, TV or in print for over two decades.

Source: ^ “Housekeeper Discloses: Mystery Phone Call Received by Marilyn”, Los Angeles Times, August 7, 1962

Source: ^ ”E! True Hollywood Story” Jeanne Carmen: Queen of the B-Movies (1998) at the Internet Movie Database

New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn Monroe in Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe

April 10, 2008


Investigative journalist Anthony Summers  has published the New York Times bestseller Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe.

Among the revelations was new evidence on the long-rumored affairs between Monroe and President John F. Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

Summers had tracked down Carmen, who was then living in Newport Beach, California, and interviewed her extensively about her career and relationships with such notable Hollywood entertainers as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford and Monroe.

Carmen confirmed that she was present during romantic trysts between President Kennedy and Monroe that took place at Lawford’s Santa Monica beachhouse.

Carmen also confirmed that she was present during Robert F. Kennedy’s romantic trysts with Monroe and that, on a dare, the threesome ventured out to a nude beach in Malibu north of Point Dume. Kennedy wore a disguise made up of a baseball cap, sunglasses and fake goatee-style beard most likely borrowed from the studio makeup and FX department at Monroe’s studio 20th Century Fox

Source: ^ Summers, Anthony (1985). Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe. Macmillan Publishing Company, 25,232,252,282,330,334,348,353,354,368,369,on Monroe and drugs, 203-4,on Robert Kennedy and Monroe, 257-60. ISBN 0-451-40014-3

New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn Monroe in Marilyn’s Last Words: Her Secret Tapes and Mysterious Death

April 10, 2008

JC pin up


British author Matthew Smith has published the book Marilyn’s Last Words: Her Secret Tapes and Mysterious Death in the United States.

The same book was published in the U.K. and in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with the title Victim: The Secret Tapes Of Marilyn Monroe.

Smith states that “Marilyn’s friend Jeanne Carmen” was aware of Marilyn’s issues with low self esteem and that Carmen believed Marilyn’s “general insecurity problem related to her lack of education” and that “a girl needs a dad to tell her she’s wonderful, and Marilyn didn’t have that.”

Carmen also said that when Marilyn was Norma Jean she was a “fun person, just an ordinary, nice person” but when she would “step over the threshold” and make the “change to Marilyn Monroe” she radiated beauty and charm and elegance. “She was a queen”. 

Source: ^ Smith, Matthew (2003). Victim: The Secret Tapes Of Marilyn Monroe. Century – London, 93,125,141,145,149-51,153,159,176,247,289,291. ISBN 0-7126-6278-2

Source: ^ Smith, Matthew (2004). Marilyn’s Last Words: Her Secret Tapes and Mysterious Death. Carroll & Graf, 247. ISBN 0-7867-1380-1

New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn Monroe in Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept The Secrets

April 10, 2008


Author James Spada has published the book Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept The Secrets.

Spada states that Jeanne Carmen was Marilyn Monroe’s “best girlfriend” and that the two women had both dated Peter Lawford and were both curious as to why Lawford never made a pass at either of them.

Carmen and Monroe considered themselves “the sexiest things on two feet” and were perplexed at Lawfords seeming indifference to there feminine charms.

Carmen had often been present at parties at the Lawford beach house in Santa Monica; parties that included “Marilyn and Jack Kennedy”.

According to Carmen “Peter introduced me to the President at the beach house.”

At the height of Marilyn’s affair with Jack Kennedy, Marilyn said to Carmen “Can’t you just see me as First Lady?”

On August 3, 1962, Marilyn told Jeanne Carmen that she “was disturbed repeatedly throughout the night” by a series of crank calls. The caller sounded like a woman and kept saying the same thing over and over: “Leave Bobby alone, you tramp. Leave Bobby alone.”

The next night on August 4, 1962, Monroe telephoned Jeanne Carmen looking for sleeping bills but Carmen “begged off” because she was too “hammered” or drunk to drive.

Monroe was found later that night dead from a drug overdose that has never been fully explained

Source: ^ Spada, James (1991). Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept The Secrets. Bantam Books, 143-44,183,301,306-8,315,317,320. ISBN 0-553-07185-8

New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Joe Dimaggio & Marilyn Monroe

April 10, 2008

Morris Engelberg, — Joe Dimaggio’s long time “business advisor, attorney, and confidante during the last 16 years of the ballplayers life” — has published the book Dimaggio: Setting The Record Straight.

Engelberg states that Carmen was “a longtime friend of Marilyn’s” and that Carmen “didn’t agree with the suicide theory”.

Engelberg says that Carmen had “warned Marilyn” about her “gangster friends”, “especially Johnny Rosselli” because of his close ties to Mob boss Sam Giancana

Source: ^ Engelberg, Morris (2003). Dimaggio: Setting The Record Straight. MBI Publishing Company, 279-80. ISBN 0-7603-1482-9

New Details on Jeanne Carmen & Marilyn Monroe in The Men Who Murdered Marilyn

April 10, 2008

British Investigative journalist Matthew Smith has published the book The Men Who Murdered Marilyn in Britain.

Smith stated that Jeanne Carmen was Marilyn’s “friend and neighbor” when she lived in an apartment on Doheny drive in West Hollywood.

Smith also stated that Marilyn had received a series of disturbing phone calls the night of August 3 and into the wee hours.

The caller repeatedly told Marilyn to “‘Leave Bobby alone you tramp’ or something similar”.

Marilyn called Carmen to tell her about the phone calls early the next morning.

According to Smith, “Marilyn’s early morning call to Jeanne Carmen speaks reams for their friendship”.

Source: ^ Smith, Matthew *1996). The Men Who Murdered Marilyn. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 23, 203-04. ISBN 0-7475-2722-9

New Details on Jeanne Carmen; Johnny Rosselli; Marilyn Monroe

April 10, 2008

Investigators Charles Rappleye and Ed Becker have published the book All American Mafioso: The Johnny Rosselli Story.

The authors state that “Jeanne Carmen was a neighbor and close friend of Marilyn Monroe” during the period before Monroe’s death in 1962.

Rosselli was a friend of Carmen’s and Monroe’s and Carmen saw Rosselli at Monroe’s apartment on Doheny drive on “several occasions”.

Carmen once asked Monroe how she came to know Rosselli and Monroe stated that she “knew Johnny through the Kennedy’s”.

Source: ^ Rappleye, Charles (1991). All American Mafioso: The Johnny Rosselli Story. Doubleday, 209. ISBN 0-385-26676-6


April 7, 2008

The tabloid newspaper “GLOBE” has published a four-part series on Pinup Girl and Actress JEANNE CARMEN’s life in Hollywood.

The paper, known for its sensational headlines, called the series “TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A HOLLYWOOD PARTY GIRL”

The story provided its readers all the steamy details of Carmen’s trip with MARILYN MONROE to a wild pool party at PETER LAWFORD’s beachhouse in celebration of JOHN F. KENNEDY’s 1960 Democratic nomination victory speech at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in 1960.

Among the attendees at the party were JEANNE CARMEN and MARILYN MONROE.

After a dip in the pool, Carmen retreated to a back bedroom to shower off. Moments later Monroe knocked on the door and informed Carmen that Kennedy had suggested a threesome. Carmen was astounded and told Monroe she didn’t do that. Monroe stated that neither did she but perhaps they should make an exception for Jack because “he was going to be the President.”

Monroe then added “We can think of it as doing it for the country.” Carmen still wasn’t into it so Monroe informed her that she would have to break the news to Jack herself. Carmen entered the bedroom where JFK was waiting in his underwear. Carmen struggled for the right words.

Jack Kennedy, being the master seducer, sensed her hesitancy, and proceeded to massage her shoulders. Kennedy then told Carmen that she and Marilyn should think of themselves as “new pioneers on a new frontier. The frontier of the 1960’s.”

Carmen said she was overwhelmed by JFK’s extraordinary charm and good looks. That combined with a buzz from the alcoholic beverages being consumed at the party made her a little lightheaded. Carmen said the “last thing she remembered” was Marilyn shutting the bedroom door and dropping her towel.

Source: “Globe” (USA), 17 January 1995, Vol. 42, Iss. 3, pg. 5-8, by: Bob Michels, “True Confessions Of A Hollywood Party Girl: – Globe Exclusive From the fascinating new book…By Jeanne Carmen”

To read the article in it’s entirety: click on the link below:


April 7, 2008

As the plump sausages were beginning to brown, there was a knock on the door.
Chicago Mob Boss SAM GIANCANA showed no fear as he turned back the double locks on the heavy steel door of his fortress like home that protected him from the outside world.
Sam looked his old friend JOHNNY ROSSELLI in the eye and invited him in. The men kissed on the cheek, exchanged pleasantries and shared a laugh.
Then “MOONEY,” as JOHNNY affectionately called SAM, heard the sausages sizzling in their pan and ran back to the stove to keep them from burning. While he was rolling them over, JOHNNY quietly crept up behind him and placed the muzzle of a .22 caliber handgun equipped with a silencer at the base of his skull and said “SAM, this is for MARILYN.”
SAM hesitated a moment as he tended to the sausages.
A split second passed. In that moment, an image of MARILYN MONROE, the quintessential Hollywood Goddess, platinum blond bombshell, orphaned child, cheesecake pin up girl, fantasy lover to thousands of men, supposed tragic suicide victim and lover of President JOHN F. KENNEDY and his brother BOBBY, filled SAM’s head.
Then JOHNNY pulled the trigger.
Source: ^ James, Brandon (2006). Jeanne Carmen: My Wild, Wild Life As a New York Pin Up Queen, Trick Shot Golfer & Hollywood Actress. iUniverse Publishers, Inc., 1-2. ISBN 0-59-5678-483

New Revelations on Jeanne Carmen, JFK, Marilyn Monroe & Frank Sinatra in RFK: A Candid Biography

April 7, 2008

New York Times bestselling author C. DAVID HEYMANN has published the book

Heymann states that “JEANNE CARMEN lived next door” to MARILYN MONROE “in
an apartment building on Los Angeles’s Doheny Drive” and that JEANNE CARMEN
and MARILYN MONROE “tried cocaine once and were bouncing off the walls”.

Heymann states that MARILYN MONROE had an affair with JOHN KENNEDY and that
JEANNE CARMEN had an affair with JOHN KENNEDY as well.

Heymann also recounts the time ROBERT KENNEDY found a diary at MARILY’N’s
apartment while CARMEN was visiting. ROBERT or “BOBBY” as he was more
commonly called became enraged that MARILYN was writing down things he had
said to her in private. BOBBY threw the diary against the wall and said
“Get rid of this!”

Heymann also states that CARMEN had a love affair with FRANK SINATRA and
that CARMEN described SINATRA’s manhood as being “like a watermelon on the
end of a toothpick”.

Regarding MARILYN’s death, Heymann states that sometime in the early hours
of August 5, 1962, PETER LAWFORD made a sweep of MARILYNs house and removed
any items that would link MARILYN to the KENNEDY’s including MARILYN’s

According to CARMEN, “PETER was torn between his loyalty to MARILYN and his
loyalty to the KENNEDY’s but in the end he chose the KENNEDY’s”.

Heymann also states that CARMEN’s home was also broken into on the morning
of August 5, 1962 and that the perpetrators “took documents and papers and
old photographs”.

Source: ^ Heymann, C. David (1998). RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert F.
Kennedy. Dutton: Penguin Putnam Inc., 309,313,314,320-21,324-25. ISBN


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