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New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn Monroe in Marilyn’s Last Words: Her Secret Tapes and Mysterious Death

April 10, 2008

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British author Matthew Smith has published the book Marilyn’s Last Words: Her Secret Tapes and Mysterious Death in the United States.

The same book was published in the U.K. and in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with the title Victim: The Secret Tapes Of Marilyn Monroe.

Smith states that “Marilyn’s friend Jeanne Carmen” was aware of Marilyn’s issues with low self esteem and that Carmen believed Marilyn’s “general insecurity problem related to her lack of education” and that “a girl needs a dad to tell her she’s wonderful, and Marilyn didn’t have that.”

Carmen also said that when Marilyn was Norma Jean she was a “fun person, just an ordinary, nice person” but when she would “step over the threshold” and make the “change to Marilyn Monroe” she radiated beauty and charm and elegance. “She was a queen”. 

Source: ^ Smith, Matthew (2003). Victim: The Secret Tapes Of Marilyn Monroe. Century – London, 93,125,141,145,149-51,153,159,176,247,289,291. ISBN 0-7126-6278-2

Source: ^ Smith, Matthew (2004). Marilyn’s Last Words: Her Secret Tapes and Mysterious Death. Carroll & Graf, 247. ISBN 0-7867-1380-1


New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Marilyn Monroe in Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept The Secrets

April 10, 2008


Author James Spada has published the book Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept The Secrets.

Spada states that Jeanne Carmen was Marilyn Monroe’s “best girlfriend” and that the two women had both dated Peter Lawford and were both curious as to why Lawford never made a pass at either of them.

Carmen and Monroe considered themselves “the sexiest things on two feet” and were perplexed at Lawfords seeming indifference to there feminine charms.

Carmen had often been present at parties at the Lawford beach house in Santa Monica; parties that included “Marilyn and Jack Kennedy”.

According to Carmen “Peter introduced me to the President at the beach house.”

At the height of Marilyn’s affair with Jack Kennedy, Marilyn said to Carmen “Can’t you just see me as First Lady?”

On August 3, 1962, Marilyn told Jeanne Carmen that she “was disturbed repeatedly throughout the night” by a series of crank calls. The caller sounded like a woman and kept saying the same thing over and over: “Leave Bobby alone, you tramp. Leave Bobby alone.”

The next night on August 4, 1962, Monroe telephoned Jeanne Carmen looking for sleeping bills but Carmen “begged off” because she was too “hammered” or drunk to drive.

Monroe was found later that night dead from a drug overdose that has never been fully explained

Source: ^ Spada, James (1991). Peter Lawford: The Man Who Kept The Secrets. Bantam Books, 143-44,183,301,306-8,315,317,320. ISBN 0-553-07185-8

New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Joe Dimaggio & Marilyn Monroe

April 10, 2008

Morris Engelberg, — Joe Dimaggio’s long time “business advisor, attorney, and confidante during the last 16 years of the ballplayers life” — has published the book Dimaggio: Setting The Record Straight.

Engelberg states that Carmen was “a longtime friend of Marilyn’s” and that Carmen “didn’t agree with the suicide theory”.

Engelberg says that Carmen had “warned Marilyn” about her “gangster friends”, “especially Johnny Rosselli” because of his close ties to Mob boss Sam Giancana

Source: ^ Engelberg, Morris (2003). Dimaggio: Setting The Record Straight. MBI Publishing Company, 279-80. ISBN 0-7603-1482-9

New Details on Jeanne Carmen & Marilyn Monroe in The Men Who Murdered Marilyn

April 10, 2008

British Investigative journalist Matthew Smith has published the book The Men Who Murdered Marilyn in Britain.

Smith stated that Jeanne Carmen was Marilyn’s “friend and neighbor” when she lived in an apartment on Doheny drive in West Hollywood.

Smith also stated that Marilyn had received a series of disturbing phone calls the night of August 3 and into the wee hours.

The caller repeatedly told Marilyn to “‘Leave Bobby alone you tramp’ or something similar”.

Marilyn called Carmen to tell her about the phone calls early the next morning.

According to Smith, “Marilyn’s early morning call to Jeanne Carmen speaks reams for their friendship”.

Source: ^ Smith, Matthew *1996). The Men Who Murdered Marilyn. Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 23, 203-04. ISBN 0-7475-2722-9

New Details on Jeanne Carmen; Johnny Rosselli; Marilyn Monroe

April 10, 2008

Investigators Charles Rappleye and Ed Becker have published the book All American Mafioso: The Johnny Rosselli Story.

The authors state that “Jeanne Carmen was a neighbor and close friend of Marilyn Monroe” during the period before Monroe’s death in 1962.

Rosselli was a friend of Carmen’s and Monroe’s and Carmen saw Rosselli at Monroe’s apartment on Doheny drive on “several occasions”.

Carmen once asked Monroe how she came to know Rosselli and Monroe stated that she “knew Johnny through the Kennedy’s”.

Source: ^ Rappleye, Charles (1991). All American Mafioso: The Johnny Rosselli Story. Doubleday, 209. ISBN 0-385-26676-6


April 7, 2008

The tabloid newspaper “GLOBE” has published a four-part series on Pinup Girl and Actress JEANNE CARMEN’s life in Hollywood.

The paper, known for its sensational headlines, called the series “TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A HOLLYWOOD PARTY GIRL”

The story provided its readers all the steamy details of Carmen’s trip with MARILYN MONROE to a wild pool party at PETER LAWFORD’s beachhouse in celebration of JOHN F. KENNEDY’s 1960 Democratic nomination victory speech at the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in 1960.

Among the attendees at the party were JEANNE CARMEN and MARILYN MONROE.

After a dip in the pool, Carmen retreated to a back bedroom to shower off. Moments later Monroe knocked on the door and informed Carmen that Kennedy had suggested a threesome. Carmen was astounded and told Monroe she didn’t do that. Monroe stated that neither did she but perhaps they should make an exception for Jack because “he was going to be the President.”

Monroe then added “We can think of it as doing it for the country.” Carmen still wasn’t into it so Monroe informed her that she would have to break the news to Jack herself. Carmen entered the bedroom where JFK was waiting in his underwear. Carmen struggled for the right words.

Jack Kennedy, being the master seducer, sensed her hesitancy, and proceeded to massage her shoulders. Kennedy then told Carmen that she and Marilyn should think of themselves as “new pioneers on a new frontier. The frontier of the 1960’s.”

Carmen said she was overwhelmed by JFK’s extraordinary charm and good looks. That combined with a buzz from the alcoholic beverages being consumed at the party made her a little lightheaded. Carmen said the “last thing she remembered” was Marilyn shutting the bedroom door and dropping her towel.

Source: “Globe” (USA), 17 January 1995, Vol. 42, Iss. 3, pg. 5-8, by: Bob Michels, “True Confessions Of A Hollywood Party Girl: – Globe Exclusive From the fascinating new book…By Jeanne Carmen”

To read the article in it’s entirety: click on the link below:


April 7, 2008

As the plump sausages were beginning to brown, there was a knock on the door.
Chicago Mob Boss SAM GIANCANA showed no fear as he turned back the double locks on the heavy steel door of his fortress like home that protected him from the outside world.
Sam looked his old friend JOHNNY ROSSELLI in the eye and invited him in. The men kissed on the cheek, exchanged pleasantries and shared a laugh.
Then “MOONEY,” as JOHNNY affectionately called SAM, heard the sausages sizzling in their pan and ran back to the stove to keep them from burning. While he was rolling them over, JOHNNY quietly crept up behind him and placed the muzzle of a .22 caliber handgun equipped with a silencer at the base of his skull and said “SAM, this is for MARILYN.”
SAM hesitated a moment as he tended to the sausages.
A split second passed. In that moment, an image of MARILYN MONROE, the quintessential Hollywood Goddess, platinum blond bombshell, orphaned child, cheesecake pin up girl, fantasy lover to thousands of men, supposed tragic suicide victim and lover of President JOHN F. KENNEDY and his brother BOBBY, filled SAM’s head.
Then JOHNNY pulled the trigger.
Source: ^ James, Brandon (2006). Jeanne Carmen: My Wild, Wild Life As a New York Pin Up Queen, Trick Shot Golfer & Hollywood Actress. iUniverse Publishers, Inc., 1-2. ISBN 0-59-5678-483

New Revelations on Jeanne Carmen, JFK, Marilyn Monroe & Frank Sinatra in RFK: A Candid Biography

April 7, 2008

New York Times bestselling author C. DAVID HEYMANN has published the book

Heymann states that “JEANNE CARMEN lived next door” to MARILYN MONROE “in
an apartment building on Los Angeles’s Doheny Drive” and that JEANNE CARMEN
and MARILYN MONROE “tried cocaine once and were bouncing off the walls”.

Heymann states that MARILYN MONROE had an affair with JOHN KENNEDY and that
JEANNE CARMEN had an affair with JOHN KENNEDY as well.

Heymann also recounts the time ROBERT KENNEDY found a diary at MARILY’N’s
apartment while CARMEN was visiting. ROBERT or “BOBBY” as he was more
commonly called became enraged that MARILYN was writing down things he had
said to her in private. BOBBY threw the diary against the wall and said
“Get rid of this!”

Heymann also states that CARMEN had a love affair with FRANK SINATRA and
that CARMEN described SINATRA’s manhood as being “like a watermelon on the
end of a toothpick”.

Regarding MARILYN’s death, Heymann states that sometime in the early hours
of August 5, 1962, PETER LAWFORD made a sweep of MARILYNs house and removed
any items that would link MARILYN to the KENNEDY’s including MARILYN’s

According to CARMEN, “PETER was torn between his loyalty to MARILYN and his
loyalty to the KENNEDY’s but in the end he chose the KENNEDY’s”.

Heymann also states that CARMEN’s home was also broken into on the morning
of August 5, 1962 and that the perpetrators “took documents and papers and
old photographs”.

Source: ^ Heymann, C. David (1998). RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert F.
Kennedy. Dutton: Penguin Putnam Inc., 309,313,314,320-21,324-25. ISBN

New Details on Jeanne Carmen, Frank Sinatra & Marilyn Monroe

April 7, 2008

GEORGE JACOBS, FRANK SINATRA’s long time butler and personal valet during the legendary RAT PACK years, has provided a firsthand eyewitness account of Pin Up Girl JEANNE CARMEN’s relationship with FRANK SINATRA and MARILYN MONROE in his autobiography MR. S: MY LIFE WITH FRANK SINATRA

JACOBS states “JEANNE CARMEN was a classic blonde starlet and pinup girl with one of the most perfect figures in Hollywood.”

CARMEN “also had an unusual skill, as a trick-shot golfer.”

SINATRA “really liked JEANNE, whom he dated both when he was down, and after he was up again.”

JACOBS also states that FRANK SINATRA set him up with an apartment in the early sixties along with JEANNE CARMEN and MARILYN MONROE in a building owned by SINATRA at 882 North Doheny Drive in West Hollywood. The building was knicknamed “THE SINATRA ARMS” because SINATRA used the complex as a safehouse for his girlfriends and cronies.

JACOBS specifically states that the people living in the complex in the early sixties “in addition to MARILYN and me” was SINATRA’s “longtime on-off bedmate JEANNE CARMEN, who became MARILYN’s best girlfriend.”

GEORGE JACOBS’ testimony is monumental because it is an eyewitness validation of CARMEN’s claims and directly contradicts those who have tried to taint CARMEN’s relationship with MONROE.

Source: ^ Jacobs, George (2003). Mr. S: My Life with Frank Sinatra. HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 76-78, 154-155. ISBN 0-06-051516-3.


April 7, 2008

Note: These clips feature HISTORIC RE-ENACTMENTS with professional actors portraying JEANNE CARMEN, BOBBY KENNEDY and MARILYN MONROE
Jeanne Carmen in Marilyn: The Last Word (part 2 of 6)

Jeanne Carmen in Marilyn: The Last Word (part 6 of 6)


April 6, 2008

Author DONALD H. WOLFE has published the book THE LAST DAYS OF MARILYN MONROE in the United States.
The same book was published in the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa with the title THE ASSASSINATION OF MARILYN MONROE.
Wolfe states that JEANNE CARMEN was a girlfriend and former next-door neighbor of MARILYN MONROE at her Doheny apartment in Hollywood.
The apartment building, located at 882 North Doheny Drive, was owned by FRANK SINATRA and was used as a “way station for SINATRA’s pals, broads and business associates.”
The apartment building was a nondescript low key white-on-white triplex on the corner of Doheny Drive and Cynthia Street with the apartment units surrounding a small courtyard. Many notable people have lived there, including actress ANGIE DICKINSON and actor BRAD DEXTER, who had once saved SINATRA from drowning in the ocean off Hawaii while filming the movie None But the Brave.
According to DEXTER, JEANNE CAREMN had known SINATRA and Chicago mobster JOHNNY ROSSELLI for years.
DEXTER was also a friend of MARILYN MONROE, having first met MONROE when he played a role in The Asphalt Jungle.
DEXTER recalled seeing MARILYN and JEANNE CARMEN together at the apartment on several occasions.
During an interview, DEXTER stated with regard to MARILYN and JEANNE “They were friends. I’d see them at Pucini’s with FRANK, and sometimes at Palm Springs.”
Source: ^ Wolfe, Donald H. (1998). The Assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Little, Brown and Company (UK), 99-100. ISBN 0-316-64019-0
Source: ^ Wolfe, Donald H. (1998). The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe. William Morrow and Company, Inc., 46-47,85,371-372,382,391,392,420,736,437,452-453, JFK/MM seen together by, 376. ISBN 0-688-16288-6


April 6, 2008

Author Nellie Bly has published the book ”THE KENNEDY MEN: THREE GENERATIONS OF SEX. SCANDAL & SECRETS”

Bly writes about “the wildest party” at PETER LAWFORDS’s Santa Monica beach house after JACK KENNEDY won the Democratic nomination.

Bly states that “MARILYN MONROE invited her friend JEANNE CARMEN, a beautiful blond golfer and actress” to the pool party at the LAWFORD’s house. Here, JACK KENNEDY and MARILYN MONROE hooked up for a romantic tryst with a twist: JFK wanted JEANNE CARMEN to join them for a threesome but CARMEN “dismissed the idea as crazy”.

JACK became persistent and said to CARMEN “Just think of it as standing on the edge of a New Frontier. The frontier of the 1960’s. A frontier of unknown opportunities and perils. JEANNE, I’m asking you and MARILYN both to be new pioneers on that New Frontier.”

Bly also recounts the time CARMEN and MONROE invited BOBBY KENNEDY to a nude beach in Malibu. CARMEN and MONROE rubbed BOBBY down with suntan lotion and CARMEN recalled that BOBBY was “trembling” so bad that “MARILYN and I both thought he was going to pass out.” Later in the afternoon, a naked BOBBY said to CARMEN and MONROE, “girls I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.”

Source: ^ Bly, Nellie (1996). The Kennedy Men: Three Generations of Sex, Scandal and Secrets. Kensington Publishing Corp., 91, 127-128. ISBN 1-57566-015-6.


April 6, 2008

Feminist icon GLORIA STEINEM has published the book MARILYN.
STEINEM states that there were “only two women” MARILYN was close to at the end of her life and that MARILYN saw these two women regularly: PATRICIA NEWCOMB, her publicist and “JEANNE CARMEN, an actress neighbor to whom MARILYN confessed her troubles with insomnia, with work, with men.”
STEINEM also writes of MARILYN’s affair with JOHN F KENNEDY and ROBERT KENNEDY and STEINEM recounts the time CARMEN opened the door at MARILYN’s Doheny Drive apartment “in the summer or fall of 1961” and found a “surprised ROBERT KENNEDY” staring back at her.
STEINEM also writes of the trip MARILYN, CARMEN and BOBBY KENNEDY took to a “nearby nudist beach” on a dare.
Source: ^ Steinem, Gloria (1986). Marilyn. Henry Holt and Company, 94, 122-26. ISBN 0-8050-0060-7